Selling terminal in the port of Reni, Black Sea, Ukraine, handling and storage of liquid petroleum products by 300 000 tons per year. Favorable investment.

Features of the complex.
Production capacity - 300 000 tons / year.
Cargo operations are carried out on the quays №2, № 3 and № 9.
Navigation in Reni port lasts all year round, and the connection with the Black Sea through the channels Speed (depth 5m) and Sulina (depth 7.2 m).
Depths at the berths can accommodate vessels up to 7 m draft, which allows you to receive all vessels passing through the channels.
The system includes:
- Tank farm of 5 vertical tanks with a capacity of 3,000 cubic meters. m total volume of 15 000 cubic meters.
- Front drain №1 (main) - eight railway tanks. Having three reservoirs allows the possibility of receiving the three different types of loads simultaneously.
- Front drain №2 - eight railway tanks, located on the berth № 9.
Features of the complex allow:
- Acceptance of the goods is carried out simultaneously from w / e tanks storage tank on the main front of the sink and at berth № 9.
- Loading / unloading of ships simultaneously at two berths.
Specialized heating system pipes and tanks can handle loads at low temperatures, providing a year-round operation of the complex.

Technological capabilities of the complex.
The technological scheme of the complex provides for the possibility of providing services for the storage / retention and transshipment of the following options:
 w / d tank - vessel (straight version)
 w / d tank - the tank - the ship / barge (includes storage / accumulation)
 vessel - barge (straight version)
 barge - ship (straight version)
 ship / barge - tank - ship / barge (includes storage / accumulation)
 ship / barge - tank - w / d tank (includes storage / accumulation)
 ship - w / d tank (straight version)
Loading / unloading at the complex:
- Shipping vessel / barge:
Berth number 9 - 180 m³ / h up to 350 m³ / h
Berth number 3 - from 250 m³ / h up to 350 m³ / h
 - Acceptance of cargo with w / d tank - up to 1500 tons / day

Port Reni. The benefits of the location.
 Reni sea trading port - a powerful transport junction in Ukraine, which is closely intertwined work sea, river, rail and road transport.
 A unique geographic location determine the status of the port of Reni as both river and sea. The port is located in the south-western part of Ukraine at the crossroads Ukrainian, Romanian and Moldovan border and at the intersection of 4 corridors: Cretan №7 and №9, Eurasian and Black Sea.
 The length of the berthing line 3,927 m. Port Reni handles any court, which allows the sediment to pass the Sulina canal connecting the Danube to the Black Sea.
 The design capacity - 14.5 million. tons.

Price 15 000 000 USD.

If you are interested in commercial proposal - write on all the issues in the post.
Best regards
Vadim Vovk

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