SPECIAL OFFER for investor

Dear Sir
I ask you to consider our request for venture capital investment in the organization of production of electric vehicles in Ukraine. File with the preliminary information in the attachment. We are looking for an angel investor in our startup that is being sowing.

Worldwide electric cars become popular. In France, even arrange tenders for their development and production. This is an explanation: gasoline prices are increasing, gas, too, and in general these resources are not eternal and harmful to the environment. Electricity same, much cheaper, and certainly will never end, especially if it produces a very electric.
In Ukraine, for several years there is a cottage industry of electric vehicles. Cruising range of electric vehicles is small - up to 100 km, and the interior and exterior is poor.
Our company has engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce electric cars. And most importantly - we have a great desire to move with the times and to somehow reduce the impact of vehicle emissions on the ecosystem and the economy noticeable. Himself electric is cheaper, needs no fuel, and no problems with spare parts.
Therefore, we plan to start the development and production of electric vehicles. To meet the requirements of our electric time, we need design and design bureau. To begin with, we can use the Chinese battery and the battery Ukrainian
producers, nails battery with a small reserve. Therefore, we in the future, we plan to establish its own production of batteries with a power reserve of up to 300 km.
Exterior and interior of our electric vehicle can vary depending on the mode and time requirements, as our production is mobile due to the fact that the body is made
of fiberglass and carbon fiber.
The base for the production of electric vehicle chassis available. To start the production of our electric production require a small investment ($ 1.2 million). Cost of the basic two-seater electric car - $ 7000, four - $ 9000. In the future, the cost of our electric cars will be reduced to $ 6000 - $ 8000. 
Our team has a unique technology that allows you to charge the batteries not only on the network and at the expense of recovery during braking, but also from the flow of wind through a special vent with a fan of the original design. The technology - a breakthrough in the construction of electric vehicles. We will not hide such an idea occurred to inventive people, but it was not so practical and looked pretty ridiculous. We suggest using a special form of the propeller 2, which not only take up much less space, but also be able to produce much more energy.

Feasibility study of the investment.
Investments in the amount of $ 1.2 million - in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.
A) to create a design bureau - the development of prototypes of a vehicle;
B) the creation of prototypes of the car (minivan / hatchback in-class minivan / hatchback C-Class minivan / hatchback a D-class) and their testing;
C) the creation of the exhibition stand (show room, salon) on the basis of the production site and a site with 3 D capabilities for the information support of sales;
D) full marketing research on the most popular models in Ukraine (Eastern Europe);
D) to create a complete business plan for the organization of production;
E) the creation of a full-fledged stock and raise funds for the organization of production by means of:
1) special loans for environmental purposes by European, Japanese and global organizations;
2) the issue of bonds;
3) Issue of preferred shares;
4) pre-sale machines for the partial prepayment;
5) receipt of the funds from the payments due to Ukraine under the Kyoto Protocol, followed by substituting purchases of imported machinery for the state organizations of our electric vehicles;
6) the collection of voluntary contributions based on Internet sites such as Kikstarter (need to open a subsidiary in the US).
After receiving the initial investment into $ 1.2 million, within 1 calendar year planned execution of n. N. A) - E).
Over the next calendar year, created and started a production line for the production of electric vehicles, start selling.
The third calendar year is completed by international audit and the official placement of securities of the company on the world stock exchanges.
It is envisaged full refund $ 1.2 million to the investor after 2 years after investing him with the preservation of its stake (10%).

Best regards
Vadim Vovk
+38 097 9059973

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