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Overcoming competition
Due to the novelty of the claimed product , serious competition in the market at this stage is absent. The Russian market has a small number of companies engaged in such activities , but due to unique features of our system of serious competition they do not constitute . As for the Western market , there are three major competitors : SalesForceCRM, Googleapps, Microsoft 365 , but in CIS they can not compete due to the fact that they are not focused on business in the CIS, and business-oriented in the West and thus constitute weak competition developed system.
Potential customers tend to try to win at low costs by purchasing low quality software . Therefore, their applications can not only improve , but also degrade the performance of clients. We , in turn, will try to keep everyone involved with the client , trying to build long-term cooperation with them . We will inform the audience about the positive experiences and the service, including the provision of maximum information . Possible to identify some factors of competitiveness of our project :
• safety of the product ;
• quality;
• the level of prices ;
• design ;
• exclusivity goods;
• after-sales service ;

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