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Objective: To search for a strategic partner - investor.
Proposal : an investment of $ 1.5 million USD for 15% of the service.
The planned release date of service on the profitability of 12 months.
Term development and commercial launch of the service : 8 months.
brief justification
Subject effective sales of goods and services now causes great excitement . Real and fabulous technique promotion of crazed marketers absorb a lot of time and money for both suppliers and consumers . As a result, a sufficiently high share of spending on ineffective marketing. Standard practice in the crisis of overproduction. And this " upfront " cost suppliers - which is essentially close the purchase of the set of bets in the casino in order to win . The reality is recommended to buy a casino - to win it - to win by their rules.
From suppliers of high performance platforms shown online stores such as www.prom.ua in Ukraine , www.Taobao.com in China. On the consumer side these services are simply not available , although their presence confirmed by many groups spontaneous joint purchases. Naturally consumers' desire to buy a commodity or service at a lower price . Figuratively can imagine right bank of suppliers and consumers - the left bank , between which a wide river aggregate effective trade barriers . Platforms like www.prom.ua www.Taobao.com in Ukraine and in China - it is something akin to a huge ferries that belong to the right bank and regularly bring a product or service on the left coast . Group joint purchases - this salaried barges plying occasionally from the left bank to right bank . Full two-way bridge is still there, and that's what this bridge is in demand - we know. Bridge construction requires investments and attract those who ride the ferries to the left bank , and those who hire a barge on the right bank. Naturally , the drive over the bridge - quickly and efficiently. Bridge - paid. And yes, the bridge can not let all the right bank - but that's a bonus "power" .
Consumers are not interested in the consolidation on a permanent basis in the joint buying group for many reasons. A wide range of demand , different financial capabilities , lack of stimulus. At the same time, companies in the narrow section of goods and services shown to be effective marketing network, even with the low efficiency in a narrow niche commodity . The ferry left bank will be established on a combination of effective full range of products and services with the principles of network marketing compensation , multiplied by the efficiency of joint purchases vast number of consumers.
Shortcut (Web 2.0) - a project to create this bridge on the basis of two ferries - the right bank and left bank - in a monolithic structure. Suppliers reduce marketing costs . Consumers will lower prices and , most importantly, financial reward for their participation in the system. Money will be the most reliable factor in the effective functioning of the bridge , as implemented the principle of paying for everything! ( I bought a product / service , recommend to friends - if you buy friends on his recommendation ( implemented through a referral link ) - the consumer will get rewarded for it ) . Mathematics process is based on the fact that a consumer may receive a referral fee for participation in the sale of a variety of products and services , with a single financial ( accounting ) in the identification system for payments and differentiated referral link (located in the user 's office ) for advertising to attract customers in each online shop provider . Thus, the two realized the level of remuneration :
1) standard - each end customer ( in fact as a member of a huge group of joint procurement ) receives 70% discount on every purchase provider in the system;
2) bonus - actively involving people buy products and services from different vendors consumer (in this case, it acts as a sales manager ) is a reward for their efforts in proportion to progress - 4% + 3% + 2% + 1 % discount provider - Level 4 referral commission sponsors the final buyer .
Supplier has the opportunity to exhibit differentiated dimensions " discounts" for each type of unit or product or service. The specific amount allocated under the scheme referral structure for each specific sale ( 70% discount provider receives the final buyer , 4 % + 3 % + 2% + 1 % discount supplier - 4 levels referral commission sponsors the ultimate purchaser , the supplier 20 % discount - pay service Shortcut - "rent bridge "). Supplier pays only for results instead of paying for a diverse marketing, which according to the marketers should bring effect.
Seller wants :
Get more money
Invest less time and other resources
Be sure to secure demand "tomorrow"
Buyer wants :
cheaper to buy
Costs for less time and other resources
Be sure to secure supply and service "tomorrow"
Shortcut service will fulfill all these desires and provide financial bonus to the consumer , in addition to an extra discount as a reward for implemented recommendations for purchasing a product . The idea of ​​service - centrally integrate all customer discounts from all suppliers of goods and services - a single person gets a discount in. ( then - map) with a maximum discount on almost all goods and services - suppliers of goods and services get more loyal customers , saving on marketing ( at least advertising and sales personnel ) and industrial (narrowing of the range of goods and services ) costs. Plus the ability to precisely target advertising to its customers (each service user is identified as a consumer fullest with all desires and capabilities ) .
Example simple for the consumer. You are advised to - people bought at a discount - you got a nice bonus (4 % 3 % 2 % 1 %). Once invested his time and talent of persuasion , to join people in a qualitatively new interaction with the manufacturers , you will receive a lifetime award for their work when Shortcut. You will be able to pass these " intangible right to receive material compensation " as any copyrights . This is your personal contribution , your business . Become a partner and co-owner of the eternal business - trade, which is mover of human progress. Classic Network Marketing limit you in your product or service for the promotion where you get a reward . Shortcut service gives you the freedom to earn everything, always and everywhere. Without restrictions.
Example simple for the manufacturer. You get access to the target customer base and have the opportunity to maximize the preferences of consumers get your goods quickly find and acquire precisely those customers who are looking for him . Your advertisement will be exactly reach those customers who need to . Participated in a single, centralized system will increase the level of customer confidence in suppliers - and it will last to optimize the cost of maintaining inventory , logistics, excessively wide range of products and services that will more accurately plan production / procurement of goods - ultimately will reduce the cost of goods and services for suppliers - is part of this reduction will get buyers . Plus definitely increase sales and suppliers.
Shortcut service as the shortest and most effective communication supplier - buyer .
Suppliers : the opportunity to get more orders and make an order of magnitude more sales by informing customers on their proposals very broad and reliable ( and solvent ) audience. Shortcut plus service at its discretion exclude certain suppliers to reduce the oversupply of similar goods / services. Opportunity to reduce the cost of advertising , logistics , marketing research and excessively wide range of products . The question of readiness to serve the flow of orders and end users in a timely manner to arrange delivery (for example, through the new e-mail - in Ukraine).
Consumers : the possibility of wide ( reasonable ) choice of reliable suppliers of quality goods at the lowest price and the ability to realize their potential, build your own business within a business service Shortcut.
investments :
Primary mechanism to create a site with a referral discount with payment buyers cabinets with integrated payment gateway for free conversion of all kinds of electronic money and commitment.
Scheme of work : Client registered by referral and becomes part of the structure , gains entry to the site in his office, as verified by the recipient and payer .
Supplier (online store or subsequently any ordinary shop ) within a client ( and which provides them their identification number in the service - personal identification card with the room referral service structure ) in cash for goods or services directly to the customer takes into account (in test mode - managers supplier manual mode - then use a single standard identification card service user ) reducing the retail price of the base discount ( 70 % of the sale , the service provider's Shortcut to a product or service ) . Residual discount ( 30 % of the sale , the service provider's Shortcut for this product / service ) service provider lists Shortcut with the identification number of the customer through the payment gateway service Shortcut. This allows you to make automatic transfer rate for the account above standing referral patterns and the actual buyer account service Shortcut.

How it works:
For example, in one of your favorite cinemas showing the latest start and interesting film. You go to the premiere , buy tickets , seated and enjoy watching the movie . At work tomorrow you tell your colleagues what a cool movie you viewed . You told them just a little bit , gave them the hundredth part of your emotions . Now imagine that the story is not over. After some time on your mobile phone rings . Host theater , where were you the last time you said : - You know , on your recommendation, this film viewed 100 people. My income was $ 2,000 . Your bonus was $ 200. Tell me how I can give you your money ? You are in the pleasant shock ... After all you do is share their impressions of the film and all ... And then you also gave money for what you are doing is usually free ... Tell me, is there in life? Show a movie theater (!) - Of course, in our time can be everything. This may not be a movie theater, it may be a hairdresser , a shop selling spare parts for your car , any other action . For example , mobile operators often conduct actions "refer a friend - get money " and is worth Ukrainian action " Privat " - " Become an Agent " ... can cause a whole lot of such examples , in which bonuses are only for what Would you recommend the product or service to their friends ... direct selling companies pay a fee for what you recommend products or products to other people and help them build their business . Can you recommend this business to other people , and for every person who has come on your recommendation , you will earn money. And for the friends of your friend you also will receive money. And for friends acquaintances you know ... But how much, it depends on the marketing plan of each company. This is the basis of a nonlinear income when your income level is not directly dependent on the work done by you . Just the company will pay a portion of your income for the turnover made ​​by those who came on your recommendation and assigned to you. Companies will pay you for what your friends are your friends and acquaintances to consume the products of companies . Many people believe that work in direct sales is not necessary - it's confusing. Please work hard , as elsewhere, for what would succeed and become a specialist high level and become financially independent . And now the most important thing! You build a sales network once and for all , and the service will make sure that your network is connected to the business. We find " Cinema ", so you advertise goods and services. And will make sure that you paid for the work done by you . Your task is to build a network of real - potential consumers. Our task is to make your customer's network functionally working in the vast world of business , explaining business all the advantages in the promotion and sale of its products and services on your network. Direct sales - is the best business with minimal investment , risk- minimizing , and ready-made administrative apparatus . All you need is to learn and do their business , which will bring you an income even when you work would no longer be needed.

The potential effectiveness of service Shortcut
In Ukraine, about 2 million families :
- Have an income of more than 1500 USD per month
- Have a positive shopping experience via the Internet
- Look for opportunities to buy goods on the internet profitable
The average monthly amount of goods that they could purchase on the Internet, according to conservative estimates, more than 500 million USD per month , or more than 6 billion USD per year - about as much money Ukrainians spent in 2013 on purchases of goods and services over the internet consumer , with that potentially active market online trading 4 years may exceed 24 billion USD per year in Ukraine. Growth potential is huge. Growth will occur by increasing sales " of goods in the catalog ," especially repents clothes and furniture , where the margin is particularly high given the high risks not demand goods.
Of potential sales of 500 million USD per month service receive a share in 20% with an average discount of 15 % ( for a given volume ) allows you to extract :
500 * 0.20 * 0.15 * 0.2 = 3.0 million USD in gross profit (monthly). Gross expenditure Shortcut service will be below 20 % of gross income ( process automation will minimize staff) income tax in Ukraine reduced to 19 %, which gives the order of USD 2.0 million net profit a month. Or 24 million USD a year, even taking into account the high risk of the Ukrainian economy will evaluate service Shortcut approximately 300 million USD. Package of 15% will be the purchase price for the order of 45 million USD.
Quite realistic for 4 years in the development of the entire CIS increased cost parameters described in 5 - 20 times .

Contact: Vadim Vovk
Tel: +38 097 905 99 73
Skype: zerafim1983

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